Collectible music boxes are hand made. The workshop in Saint-Croix in world renowned for producing some of the finest and rarest music boxes around the world, so make sure you are getting the real deal. For the music box connoisseur, it is best to make a trip to Switzerland in order to select the limited edition models that may not be sold at many stores because of their price and limited quantity. You can also ask the locals of that little town if they own any Reuge music boxes. They are likely to own some of the first and best models, maybe even those handmade by Charles Reuge himself. If you are able to acquire such pieces, you are a lucky owner of a rare and highly collectible Reuge music box. The size of the music box and the tune are also an important determinant in a collectible. Bigger boxes tend to be harder to maintain and keep. The cost to acquire them was also high, making it affordable only to the wealthy. The tune is also important because if you had popular tunes, people would be more willing to buy it than to acquire one that plays an obscure tune especially in the case of non-interchangeable music boxes. The materials used to make good music boxes were rare and expensive, such as rose wood, which made them rather resilient to aging if well-taken care of.

Vintage HERITAGE HOUSE MUSIC BOX PORCELAIN, Plays “YESTERDAY “ 1985 Greatest Hits of Kenny Loggins Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (box 1) The Boyds Collection Yesterdays Child Dollstone Whitney w/ Wilson Tea Party 5" Boyds Dollstone Yesterday's Child Playful Pastime No #7 Lauren Musical Memories WALTZ FOR YESTERDAY - THE RECORDINGS 1972-1974 3CD CLAMSHELL BOX - Ne - Y7351A Postcard Florida Sarasota FL Cars Music Yesterday Music Boxes 1970s Unposted Postcard Florida Sarasota FL Cars Music Yesterday Mills Violano 1970s Unposted Vintage The Boyd's Collection Music Box Figurine Yesterdays Child Tea for Two Music Box Arcade Horns Cars of Yesterday 45 rpm American Western Music Box Songs 1E Yesterdays Child Boyds Bears Vintage Snow Globe Music Box Works Boyds Bears Music Box Cocoa M Angelrich & Scoop Yesterday’s Child & Bear Rare PE Boyds Bear Yesterday's Child LINDSEY WITH LOUISE The Recital Premier Edition 1989 Enesco Memories of Yesterday "For Fido and Me" Musical Christmas Figurine Boyds YESTERDAY’S CHILD”"Lindsey" Collectible Doll #4931 Ltd Edition. NIB New Sealed Fibre Craft Electronic Music Box Yesterday 35mm No.3187-20 Melodies Country Fair Collection Musical Carousel Horse, Melody: "Yesterday" Al Stewart - Just Yesterday..... (5 CD BOX SET Digibook) (2005 EMI) - SEALED Enesco Memories of Yesterday "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" Musical Box 1992 TIN ALLOY HEART SHAPE WITH FLOWERS MUSIC BOX : ♫ YESTERDAY ONCE MORE ♫ LENOX FOOTED MUSIC BOX PLAYS "YESTERDAY" PLEASE READ NOTE!! Music boxes 2 Yesterday and Rain Drops plus keys and legs Yesterdays' Child Whitney with Wilson...Tea Party The Boyd's Collection 3523 Vtg Lot of 14 Vintage Enesco Memories of Yesterday Figurines & musical wind up Vintage Postcard Bellm Cars & Music of Yesterday, Baker-Troll Music Box, FL ROSES WHITE GOLD TIN ALLOY RECTANGLE MUSIC BOX : YESTERDAY ONCE MORE WALTZ FOR YESTERDAY - THE RECORDINGS 1972-1974 3CD CLAMSHELL BOX - Ne - X1398A MUSIC BOX ARCADE HORN'S CARS OF YESTERDAY 45 rpm NM Otagiri A Mothers Love Makes Life Bearable Baby Bear Ceramic Music Box Yesterday JOYOUS NOEL FROM 38 GREAT ARTISTS OF YESTERDAY AND TODAY VINYL LP BOX SET 1968 OTAGIRI MUSIC BOX SEAGULLS ON OCEAN WAVES PLAYS ** YESTERDAY ** VINTAGE JAPAN Enesco Music Box “We’s Happy! How’s Yourself?” 1988 Memories of Yesterday Mabel Motown 50 - Yesterday Today Forever - UK 2008 Universal Triple CD Album (Box G) Melodies County Fair Collection Carousel Horse "Yesterday" Heritage House Vintage OTAGIRI Rotating Wind Up Music Box Love Birds, Plays "Yesterday", Japan WHITE TIN ALLOY RECTANGLE RED ROSES MUSIC BOX : YESTERDAY ONCE MORE Heritage House Melodies County Fair Musical Carousel Horse YESTERDAY Heritage House Sing-A-Song ?Bluebird Music Box "Yesterday" New/open box Vintage Lasercraft Wood Music Silhouette Woman Plays “Yesterday” Beatles Works The Years To Remember Volume 5 Box Set LP Hollywood Yesterday Newsreel Theater Music Box Parts Mechanism Grey Wind up Sankyo Musical Movement (60 Tunes Option) New 2022 CAROUSEL HORSE in Clear Globe USA 6.5" MUSIC BOX Handmade "YESTERDAY" CURRENT Yesterdays Tomorrow Is Not Today LP BOXED SET gold VINYL Record ROCK NEW