The price will also tell you a lot of things. Highly collectible music boxes don't come cheap. Reuge music boxes are items of a highest quality, so any item of any color, size or material can be highly collectible as long as the numbers of items you can find on the market are limited. In fact, at the beginning of the career, Charles Reuge hand made some limited edition music boxes, which now own a special status: highly collectible Reuge music boxes. The best places to find highly collectible Reuge music boxes are: rare art and collectibles auctions, Saint-Croix and specialty stores. Since these music boxes can be prohibitively expensive for most, a good strategy is to purchase contemporary Reuge music boxes. They cost a whole lot less than the rare ones and are also easier to acquire. Angel music boxes are regularly used to protect someone from any nuisance from the evils like zombie army. If you see the display in one shop that full of angel music boxes, you may knit the brows. Subsequently, the two common questions may jump into your mind. The first is, "Who purchases this stuff?" and the second is "What possible great can these things do?" Since having or even collecting these angel music boxes are still rare and sounds incredible when you first know about it, although once you stop consider about the weird thing; it all makes sense.

Reuge Small Music Box Vivaldi The Four Seasons - Spring Butterfly Lid #5484 10” x 8” Picture Photo Frame 18 Note Music Jewelry Box Solid Wooden 18 Note Pill Shaped Musical Photo Frame Paperweight Natural Wood Tone Minimalist 18 Note Musical Photo Frame Paperweight AVON 2002 LOVEBIRDS MUSICAL PORCELAIN EGG NEW IN BOX PINK SPRING VIVALDI Sankyo Music Box Orpheus A VIVALDI Spring/J,S BACH Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring Willow Tree Figurines Collection – Custom 18 Note Sculpted Musical Figurines Traditional 18 Note Spacious Wooden Oval Musical Jewelry - Over 400 Song Choices Vintage Royal Sealy Musical Jewelry Box Wood Tulips Vivaldi Spring Tole JAPAN Willow Tree Figurines Collection Custom 18 Note Sculpted Angel In White Holding Reuge Music Box Playing 30 Note Sankyo Movement - " Spring ". A.Vivaldi NEW Chestnut Lane Piano Wind Up Music Box Enamel Jeweled Tune Spring Vivaldi Stunning Burgundy Beveled Top Music Jewelry Box With Artistic Floral Motif Stunning 18 Note Matte Black Grand Musical Jewelry Box - Over 400 Song Choices Modern 18 Note Classy Grey Spacious Wooden Musical Box - Over 400 Song Choices Sleek 18 Note Spacious Wood Tone Musical Jewelry Box - Over 400 Song Choices Elegant 18 Note Matte Black Spacious Musical Jewelry Box - Over 400 Song Choices Contemporary 18 Note Wooden Musical Jewelry Box With Pew - Over 400 Song Choices Alluring 18 Note Crystal Music Box With Detailed Dragon Feet - Over 400 Song 30 NOTE WALNUT WOODEN WIND UP MUSIC BOX : SPRING(VIVALDI) Willow Tree Figurines Collection Custom 18 Note Sculpted Musical Angel Holding Precious Little Piggys Wedding Couple Sitting In Rose Bud 18 Note Musical Snow Adorable Little Piggys Wedding Couple On Cake 18 Note Musical Snow Globe 18 Note Turquoise Modern Musical Jewelry Box In A High Gloss Finish Astonishing Beveled Octagonal Wood Classic Style Music Jewelry Box Artistic Beveled Octagonal Music Jewelry Box With Floral Motifs Matte White 18 Note Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box with Pull Out Tray Jeweled Gold Finch Bird with Yellow and Gold Accents Rotating Musical Keepsake Hi - Over 400 Song Choices - Gloss Purple Enchanted Ballet Musical Jewelry Box Hi - Over 400 Song Choices - Gloss Pink and Purple Enchanted Ballet Handcrafted 18 Note Wood Tone Beatrix Potter Music Box with Momma w/Babies Inlay Matte Pink Enchanted Fairy 18 Note Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box Modern 18 Note Acrylic Musical Paperweight with Metallic Posts and Decorative Amazing 18 Note Miniature Sousaphone (Tuba) With Rotating Musical Base Modern 18 Note Black Lacquer Musical Jewerly Box With Chrome Accents Sophisticated 18 Note Miniature Musical Hi - Over 400 Song Choices Handcrafted 18 Note Sorrento Music Box with Christmas Theme Wood Inlay Light Wood Tone 18 Note Musical Photo Frame Keepsake - Over 400 Song Choices Adorable 18 Note Matte White with Pink Heart Shaped Frame Musical Jewelry Box Thread Bears - World Cup Soccer Threadbear Musical Figurine - Over 400 Song Clear 18 Note Acrylic Star Shaped Musical Paperweight - Over 400 Song Choices Modern Bamboo 18 Note Musical Jewelry Keepsake - Over 400 Song Choices - Rainbow