If the box does not play, make sure that the pin blocks the air brake and that when it is pulled, it releases the air brake. The pin should not be too long and if it is, it may need to be filed down. If it won抰 stop playing, then adjust the position of the movement and make sure that the pin is not too short. If it is, put some tape on the end to lengthen it. SummaryMusic boxes are wonderful gifts for someone you love, but like anything, they can break down and it is important that when you have a music box, you know how to repair it. Thankfully, many are easy to repair and all it takes is a basic knowledge of the inner-workings of music boxes and other types of musical gifts. Music box collectibles are an extremely popular collector's item, with many worldwide checkout, Red Pottery collector groups available for enthusiasts. Available in a wide variety of styles and designs, also look at, Family Tree Ancestry Music box collectibles have a distinct charm, which is unmatched by CDs or record players. Naturally antique Music box collectibles are more valuable than the more recent mass produced variety. But whether you are collecting for monetary gain, or just for sentimental value, Music box collectibles can be easily found, if you know where to look. From Betty Boop to crystal and gold, or Tinker Bell to Teddy Bears, music boxes come in a mind blowing range.

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