If you do some research you might find a Reuge music box worth collecting. Make sure they are old, in good condition (for its age) and is limited in quantities. It's a pretty good bet that if you have one from the early 1900s that the music box is hard to find. If you are not an expert at fixing these music boxes, make sure you have an idea what restoring a piece might cost. Otherwise, it's a lot better to go ahead and pay the premium for a working music box than to take the risk of paying exorbitant restoration costs for a collectible music box. The price will also tell you a lot of things. Highly collectible music boxes don't come cheap. Reuge music boxes are items of a highest quality, so any item of any color, size or material can be highly collectible as long as the numbers of items you can find on the market are limited. In fact, at the beginning of the career, Charles Reuge hand made some limited edition music boxes, which now own a special status: highly collectible Reuge music boxes. The best places to find highly collectible Reuge music boxes are: rare art and collectibles auctions, Saint-Croix and specialty stores. Since these music boxes can be prohibitively expensive for most, a good strategy is to purchase contemporary Reuge music boxes.

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