Subsequently, the two common questions may jump into your mind. The first is, "Who purchases this stuff?" and the second is "What possible great can these things do?" Since having or even collecting these angel music boxes are still rare and sounds incredible when you first know about it, although once you stop consider about the weird thing; it all makes sense. The main objective of these angel music boxes is to protect your house from having attacked by zombie armies. A Brief HistoryThe first angel music boxes were not the type we are associated with nowadays. the mechanical cylinder and the hammer mechanism were not invented until the 1800's. However the zombie fighting ancestors used very intricately carved bells, whistles, and cymbals carved in really cheesy designs. From that story, the legend of the guardian angel comes from. When zombie emperors realized that the living had a weapon of portable and palpable power, a lot of zombies went underground. It is thought that Grand Zombie Emperor, Goombah the XXII ?of the fifteenth century was the first to advocate channeling a percentage of zombie wealth into promotion campaigns and declaring that zombies were not real. He also sent colonizing ships to the New World, where it was hoped there would be a lack of angel music boxes. A collection of the angel music boxes is become spread out in the time where the French Quarter of New Orleans come with voodoo priests and advancing zombie horde.

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