The best places to find highly collectible Reuge music boxes are: rare art and collectibles auctions, Saint-Croix and specialty stores. Since these music boxes can be prohibitively expensive for most, a good strategy is to purchase contemporary Reuge music boxes. They cost a whole lot less than the rare ones and are also easier to acquire. Angel music boxes are regularly used to protect someone from any nuisance from the evils like zombie army. If you see the display in one shop that full of angel music boxes, you may knit the brows. Subsequently, the two common questions may jump into your mind. The first is, "Who purchases this stuff?" and the second is "What possible great can these things do?" Since having or even collecting these angel music boxes are still rare and sounds incredible when you first know about it, although once you stop consider about the weird thing; it all makes sense. The main objective of these angel music boxes is to protect your house from having attacked by zombie armies. A Brief HistoryThe first angel music boxes were not the type we are associated with nowadays. the mechanical cylinder and the hammer mechanism were not invented until the 1800's. However the zombie fighting ancestors used very intricately carved bells, whistles, and cymbals carved in really cheesy designs.

ANTIQUE Inlaid CYLINDER MUSIC BOX Swiss? WORKS! 6 Airs Antique Large 26" SWISS Inlaid Rosewood Cylinder Music Box with Bells & Drum ANTIQUE INLAID MECHANICAL CLOCKWORK CYLINDER MUSIC BOX WIEN 1873 FRENCH / SWISS 1892 Antique Store Model Penny Coin Operated Swiss Cylinder Music Box 8 Airs Key Antique MUSIC BOX MECHANISM FOR PARTS or REPAIR 11" Cylinder ANTIQUE LARGE 16 3/4 INCH LONG SWISS WOOD CASED MUSIC BOX W/ 8 INCH CYLINDER Antique Swiss 2 air 1800’s Lacquered Cylinder Music Box Beauty 40-50 Tooth Comb Antique Swiss Station Coin Op Cylinder Music Box "Station Box" Swiss Railway Beautiful Sublime Harmony Interchangeable Music Box On Inlaid Table 4 Cylinders Pre 1900 Antique Disc & Cylinder Music Box Collector Guide Regina Swiss & Others "ANTIQUE EIGHT AIR CYLINDER MUSIC BOX WITH 3 BELLS & HAMMERS C1880" GWO "ANTIQUE EIGHT AIR CYLINDER MUSIC BOX WITH "BELLS & DRUM" C1880" GWO Lot (16) Early 1900s MUSIC CYLINDERS ORIGINAL CARRY CASE BOX Hawaiian Columbia Antique 1800's Large Swiss Cylinder Music Box w/ Key. 8 Airs. works and plays ANTIQUE CYLINDER STYLE MUSIC BOX WORKS WOOD NEEDS RESTORED SOLID Music Box Wooden Large Inlay 77 Valve 12 Curved Cylinder 3 108cm Wide Antique Antique Cylinder Music Box B.A.BREMOND Antique/Vintage Hand Crank Cylinder Music Box Wood Case Works Parts Estate Find Antique 1800's Swiss Cylinder Music Box. 6 Airs. works and plays Antique Music Box. Cylinder Antique Swiss 25 Song Cylinder Music Box with Nice Ornate Wood Case & Key Antique Swiss Single Cylinder Music Box (Item #299) Antique Key Wind swiss cylinder music box With 8 Airs ,Song ,Nice Working Antique Jacots 1886 Music Box Dark Wood 12 Airs Swiss Cylinder “Nice Working” Antique Swiss Cylinder Music Box Crank Winder Part With Escutcheon Antique Swiss Cylinder Music Box 3 Bell Assembly Parts Antique Swiss Cylinder Music Box Ebonized Wood Divider Case Part Antique Swiss Cylinder Music Box Selector Part Antique Swiss Cylinder Music Box Selector Part Lyre Harp Form WONDERFUL ANTIQUE 1800'S SWISS CRANK CYLINDER WOOD CASE MUSIC BOX WORKS GREAT! Vintage Christmas "Snow Globe" Music Box Plastic Cylinder Snowing Christmas Tree Antique Victorian Era Cylinder Music Box in Painted Wood Case Plays 10 Songs Massive Antique Victorian Inlay 28" 3 Comb Cylinder Music Box - See Video Antique Swiss c1800s Cylinder Music Box MF 1816 Hand Crank Plays Perfect 10 Airs Antique 1800's Paillard Vaucher Fils Swiss 7805 5 Cylinder 30 Tune Music Box Henry Gautshi Swiss Cylinder 6 Airs Roller Walnut Antique Music Box ANTIQUE INLAID CYLINDER MUSIC BOX CASE ONLY Antique music box stand table inlaid cylinder storage Pick up on Long Island Antique LARGE 19th Century 8 Song Swiss Harmonic Celeste Cylinder Music Box Antique cylinder music box - 8" cylinder, 58-tooth comb, 6 tunes, plays great! Antique SWISS Interchangeable Cylinder 6 airs ( Tunes ) Wooden MUSIC BOX NH5188 Antique SWISS Interchangeable Cylinder 6 airs ( Tunes ) Wooden MUSIC BOX NH5825